The Blogger’s Issue

Featuring two interviews with people that inspire me on an astonishingly regular basis; this issue is for anyone that’s looking to get share their views, connect with an audience and create an engaged community.

The need for a platform to share thoughts is nothing new, the desire of the world to engage with a community is what has led to the rise of some of the biggest companies that the world has ever known – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit and Pinterest are just some of the key players that have capitalised on that fact.

The recent decline of Facebook as a platform that caters to this need is representative of the fact that many are not getting back from these platforms what they initially hoped to.

Maybe this is because they’ve realised that the community of friends/followers they’ve amassed since first creating accounts are not people that they are able to connect with in a meaningful way any more. 

Blogging can be a way of finding that audience with whom you can meaningfully connect with over topics that are important to you, as well as a business in it’s own right. They can be a tool to achieve fulfilment or address important issues.

Better yet, it can be done through any medium; not just articles and blogs in the traditional sense.

Gemma and Hannah did just that – and their stories are fantastic, I can’t wait for you to read them.

The Interviews

The Articles

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