Further reading

So you finished reading, but let me guess, you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge that hasn’t quite been quenched by this latest, greatest issue of Inkbike.

S’cool fair reader, I’m not offended – in fact, I’ve got some recommendations for you!

Also ironically given the title, there is actually no reading required in any of the below since they’re all videos and podcasts…enjoy!

Tips for creating arresting visual content

This video is unbelievably awesome – every one of their tips can be done by anyone with a camera.

They’ve also just put it together in such a way that you can watch the video once and easily feel like you could go out and recreate any of their tips with little practice.

DEFINITELY give this a watch.

For anyone starting out as a freelance photographer or videographer

This video gives some great tips, and I watched this to help me put together

About turning no money into plenty

The whole 5 video series is well worth a watch for inspiration, if anything just to show you how might be able to make money without having to spend loads on any initial investment.

About making money from money

Another five video series that’s well worth a watch for inspiration; although as the name suggests, this one is suited to people who have a little bit more of an initial investment that they can use.

A podcast for anyone that wants to start a thing but has trouble keeping it up

Claire Tonti, founder of the largest podcast network in Australia discusses starting projects with inspiring, but more importantly relatable people. She then unabashedly focuses on her inability to keep working on her ideas after starting them, something that I know I personally relate to 100%.

The biggest strength of the podcast is in it’s honesty, Claire often seems like she’s laying all of her cards out on the table for listeners to learn from and in an era of us all putting out our highly polished instagram-selves online, this honesty is incredibly refreshing.

Click on the picture to listen to Just Make the thing’s entire backlog.

And those are the best things I’ve found in the last few months, I hope you enjoy! If you have any other suggestions for things that would absolutely make your ‘Further reading’ list then comment them below!

I’m always on the look out and will 100% be reading/watching/listening to anything you link to!

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