What’s Inkbike?

Inkbike is a web-based magazine that was founded on two ideas.

The first is that everyone has the ability to create something extraordinary, whether for money, pleasure or personal development.

The second is that people absolutely should start working on something, because in doing so they are able to create their own opportunities to develop without having to wait for their manager or employer to finally offer them first.

These opportunities allow people to;

  • grow experience to enable progression in their career,
  • help jump start a new career entirely if they feel trapped in their current one,
  • or just grow their sense of life satisfaction (for all my people who feel they’ve spent one too many nights binging Netflix).

Still reading? Great!

Issues of Inkbike are released every two months with each issue focusing on particular industry themes. Every issue features at least two interviews and three detailed articles which help teach readers how to get started in the industry covered.

The Articles

In my experience, the people that are most likely to start building something are those that know someone who has done it before. Inspiration produces action.

Inkbike aims to inspire by interviewing relatable people-turned-entrepreneurs about exactly how they started their project/business/venture, and make those conversations available to everyone so that others can be inspired.

The Interviews are the stories of creators. In these articles you will read the first-hand accounts of business-owners, content creators and more, and learn the steps they took to create their venture as well as their advice to anyone looking to follow in their footsteps.

The Blog

These are the articles which are designed to teach new skills, theories or concepts to help people get their project off the ground. From marketing to management theory, check out the blog to learn new tricks.

Creating a business for yourself has, in the history of mankind, never been a more achievable goal – the only barrier which stands in anyone’s way is access to knowledge.

Many businesses have been founded on the basis that people will pay to access such information, however I believe that if anyone has the drive to teach themselves new skills and start a new venture, having resources freely available to support them is a right and not a privilege. No-one should be limited in what they can achieve by what they have in the bank.

That’s why every interview and article on Inkbike is freely available for anyone to read, and always will be.

So what are you waiting for?! Start reading, learning and creating your own opportunities!